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Last Epoch: How To Target Farm Exalted Gear & Unique Items Fast?

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Exalted gear is some of the most powerful loot you can obtain in Last Epoch. With tremendous stat boosts and unique affixes that can completely transform your build, getting your hands on exalted items is a top priority for players in the endgame.

However, exalted gear is notoriously difficult to farm in Last Epoch. It only comes from endgame activities like monoliths, dungeons, and bosses. You can't just run the campaign and expect to pick up exalted drops left and right.

Thankfully, Last Epoch does provide some ways to target farm exalted items more efficiently. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about getting more exalted gear through strategic farming.

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What Are Exalted Items?

Let's start with an overview of exalted items and why they're so valuable in Last Epoch:

  • Exalted items have up to six random affixes, making them the most heavily rolled items in the game.
  • The affixes provide massive boosts to stats like Health, Damage, Crit Chance, Cooldown Reduction, etc.
  • They enable powerful build-defining playstyles not accessible otherwise.
  • You need them to craft Legendary items, the absolute pinnacle of gear.

In short, exalted items are rare, ultra-powerful pieces of loot. Once you get a full set equipped, you'll blow through content and trivialize bosses. Let's look at some strategies to target farm them.

General Exalted Farming Tips

While target farming specific items is optimal, here are some general tips to get more exalted drops in Last Epoch:

  • Farm Monolith Timelines at max Corruption.
  • Complete Empowered Monoliths that have no Corruption cap.
  • Run endgame dungeons on the highest difficulty available.
  • Prioritize endgame bosses like Vilia and Shar'zul.
  • Stack Item Rarity and Quantity on your gear if possible.
  • Increase your Magic Find through the Destiny Board.
  • Join the Circle of Fortune for better item drops.
  • Target farm Timelines with your desired gear types.

Monoliths are the premier endgame activity for loot, so focus your efforts there. Also be sure to join the Circle of Fortune faction and invest in Magic Find for better results.

Target Farming Specific Gear

For the best chances of getting a particular exalted item, you'll want to target specific monolith timelines. Each timeline in the Monolith of Fate has its own exclusive set of item drops. Here are some tips for targeting the gear you need:

  • Check which timeline drops your desired item type by hovering over it on the timeline selection screen.
  • Certain timelines drop specific gear types like Timeline of the Ancestral Spirit for staves and scepters.
  • Refer to resources showing exactly which items come from each timeline.
  • Farm the corresponding timeline and stabilize it as much as possible.
  • Repeat the timeline at max Corruption and push for Empowered versions.

With this strategy, you'll know exactly which timelines to run for a chance at your needed exalted item. It makes grinding much more efficient than relying on random luck.

Special Farming Options

Last Epoch also provides a few special options to further target farm exalted gear:

  • Echoes of Strife - These are special endgame boss encounters that have a higher chance to drop exalted loot when repeated.
  • Monolith Modifiers - Mods like "of Plenty" and "of Abundance" improve your item rarity and chances for exalted gear.
  • Timeline Quest Rewards - Some timelines give guaranteed exalted rewards for completing their exclusive questlines.

Take advantage of these unique farming opportunities to supplement your regular timeline grinding. Every bit counts when trying to target those perfect exalted drops.

Maximize Magic Find

One key way to improve your exalted item farming is to stack as much Magic Find as possible. This stat increases your chances to get rare loot drops like exalted gear. Here are some tips to max out Magic Find:

  • Invest points into Magic Find on the Destiny Board.
  • Equip gear with the Magic Find affix or Rarity stat.
  • Use a skill like Volatile Magic from the Runemaster class.
  • Activate the Gambler's Favor buff from Gramtim in the End of Time.
  • Complete the Magic Find side quest given by Siosa in the Epilogue.

Getting your Magic Find into the 300-400 range makes a huge impact on exalted drop rates. It's worth sacrificing some clear speed to stack as much MF as you can.

Specialized Item Farming Gear

As mentioned above, equipping gear with added Item Rarity and Quantity can drastically improve your exalted drop rates. Here are some of the best item farming gear options in Last Epoch:

  • The Hoarder unique amulet for 100-300% increased Rarity.
  • Gear with the "of Plenty" or "of Abundance" rare suffixes.
  • Rare gear with the Item Rarity and Quantity affixes.
  • Set items like Oblivion's Touch for Item Rarity.
  • Rare Quivers and Helmets can roll up to +45% Item Rarity.

Having a dedicated farming gear setup stacked with magic find stats is extremely useful. Swap into it before completing monoliths and bosses to maximize your rewards.

Buy Last Epoch Gold To Speed Up Gearing

As a final tip, you can shortcut the gearing process by buying Last Epoch Gold from AOEAH. With enough currency, you can:

  • Buy the exact exalted items you need from other players.
  • Fund enchanting and crafting attempts to make your own gear.
  • Respec skills and classes to optimize your magic find builds.
  • Reroll timelines infinitely to farm for that perfect drop.

Endless grinding for random exalted item drops can burn you out quick. Buying some Last Epoch Gold lets you bypass the RNG and make measurable progress toward your desired gear.

Target farming exalted items in Last Epoch requires knowledge of how to manipulate timelines and maximize your magic find stats. With the tips in this guide, you can create efficient strategies to get your hands on those ultra-rare exalted drops.

Farming for random loot can always result in frustration though. Consider buying some Last Epoch Gold to speed up your progress and get your characters geared up fast. This lets you spend more time experiencing exciting endgame builds rather than grinding endless monolith runs.

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