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This Is How to Clean Solar Panels the Right Way

How to Clean Solar Panels Properly - Solar panels are an investment, from an environmental and energy bill standpoint, because they are free power from the sun. They can save up to $33,000 over the life of the solar panels.

However, is cleaning and putting elbow grease worth it to go up on the roof?

They can be delicate and sensitive, so it's important to learn how to clean them properly. Manufacturers recommend cleaning solar panels to maintain their effectiveness.

To make sure that you do it the right way, here are some tips on how to clean solar panels.

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DIY Tips on Cleaning Solar Panels

If you feel you can DIY the process of solar panel care, here are some easy tips on how to clean solar panels. Also, be sure to check this useful link to get proper solar panel installation. 

1. Morning Is the Best Time of the Day

Morning is the best time to clean before the solar panels get too hot. It prevents the soap from drying and streaks from forming on the solar panel. Also, it’s better to work if the sun isn’t hitting down on you. 

2. Remove Debris, Leaves, or Dust with a Soft Brush

Use a dry brush to start cleaning solar panels. The reason is to dislodge the first layer, and then you can do the rest. Ensure not to scour too hard, or you can scratch and damage the panels’ exterior. 

3. Spray Using a Garden Hose

Rinse the whole surface of solar panels using a hose with clean water set to low pressure. It will remove the dislodged debris and then continue with the cleaning.

4. Scrub with Sponge, Cloth, Water, and Soft Brush

Start cleaning using a sponge, soft cloth, soft brush, warm water diluted with vinegar, or mild solar panel soap. Gently wipe the panel's surface with a wet brush, cloth, or sponge.

5. Rinse and Dry

Rinse again by using a hose at low pressure, do not pressure-wash solar panels. Ensure to wash off any soap residue when you use a soapy solar panel cleaning solution. Always dry solar panels with a sponge or soft cloth if you rinse them with tap water to avoid limescale. 

Finally, test solar panel output; you can research and follow a guideline on this, as tampering with electricity is tricky. It's also best to consider asking a professional in this matter.

Cleaning Solar Panels from Snow

When you live where it snows, you’ll have to take particular solar panel maintenance. Snow could block sunlight from reaching the solar panel’s exterior, decreasing output. So how do you clean ice and snow off solar panels? 

Here are some techniques, devices, and equipment you can use:

  • Using a soft brush or soft-bristled broom to remove the snow
  • Use a roof rake to remove ice and snow from roofs
  • Using a leaf blower help remove light snow
  • Use a garden hose and water if there’s no risk of freezing
  • Install a heating system

However, if you don't have time or you're not comfortable cleaning your solar panels, get a trained solar panel cleaner. 

Equipment to Consider

How to Clean Solar Panels

You can clean your solar panels manually, but you may also invest in robotic or smart cleaning tools. The following equipment below might be convenient for cleaning solar panels.

1. Electrostatic Dust Removal

Electrostatic dust removal is a new way of cleaning solar panels. This process uses electrostatic induction to draw dirt and debris to a particular device. It's also a waterless procedure appropriate for dry locations.

2. Waterless Vibration

Waterless vibration is also a new process of cleaning solar panels that don’t need water. It's ideal for solar panel care in areas lacking water.

Instead, the tools make vibrations that loosen debris and dirt from the panel’s shell. After the debris gets loosened, remove it with a cloth or soft brush. 

3. Cleaning Robot for Solar Panels

These cleaning robots can clean all types of solar panels on your roof. They use particular cleaners and brushes to thoroughly clean and reach all panel areas. These robot helpers are still new, and they could be pricey. 

However, they can be worth it if you have a lot of panels or live in a location with a lot of debris and dirt. Furthermore, if you ask how to clean solar panels from below, get yourself a remote-controlled robot.

4. Nanoparticle Coating

If you want a self-cleaning panel, apply nano-coating on your solar panels to stop dirt accumulation. This repellent coating forms a barrier that debris and dirt can’t enter and stays hydrophobic for years. 

5. Brushes and Sponges

If you clean solar panels by hand, use the proper tools. Never use abrasive materials, regardless of how stubborn the dirt is on your solar panels. Always use a soft sponge or cloth or soft-bristled brush. 

Since window cleaners and harsh soaps are not the best panel cleaning solution, consider adding vinegar to the water. Also, you can get solar panel cleaning products that won’t leave any residue or cause damage to the panels.

Can you use tap water to clean solar panels? 

Yes, provided you dry out the excess water with a sponge or soft cloth. However, deionized or distilled water is best, as that kind draws chemicals nicely and doesn’t leave a tough layer of minerals.

7. Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning solar panels are the most common approach and the least costly. First, prepare all the needed supplies for your safety and panel cleaning kit.

Here are some solar panel cleaning supplies that you may need: 

  • Soft sponge 
  • Cloth or brush with soft bristles
  • Warm water deionized or distilled warm water 
  • A little amount of vinegar or a solar panel cleaning solution
  • Garden hose
  • Safety gear

Wear gloves and sturdy shoes, and use a ladder or a stable scaffold when you work on your panels. As a precaution, you must have someone present and fall protection gear at the ready.


Cleaning your solar panels is very important to maintain maximum energy production. Be sure to check your solar panels regularly and clean them as needed. you can also contact an experienced solar panel cleaner.

We hope these tips help! Read more about solar panels and other topics by browsing the rest of our guide. Visit vexagame often to get information like this again, that's all and thank you

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